VIENTO concert flutes.

Our philosophy
At VIENTO flutes we make nothing but concert flutes. Our GM, Christina Xu, is an accomplished flutist and has played the flute for many years in a symphonic orchestra. Each VIENTO flute is made according to her precise technical specifications and requirements. To provide top quality concert flutes at affordable prices, and therefore to enable music lovers of all ages the access to this instrument – that is our mission.

Our flute program
From the VIENTO FL 100 for beginners to the FL 300 RH made of Silver 925 for the ambitious flautist. VIENTO offers a complete range of concert flutes. For young students flutes with a curved headjoint are available. All flutes are offered with either closed holes or open holes. VIENTO flutes is the only flute manufacturer to offer western concert flutes in special left hand versions

The VIENTO quality certificate
Before delivery every concert flute is personally inspected, played and tested by Christina Xu. Intonation, response and tightness of the keys are tested, among others. Each VIENTO flute then gets a signed quality certificate. Such an effort in quality control is not common in this market segment. But these measures guarantee a consistently high level of quality for all our flutes

3 year warranty
Each VIENTO concert flute comes with a 3 year warranty.