Our rental scheme is available to anyone who wants to learn to play one of the following instruments:

Flute   Clarinet   Alto Saxophone   Tenor Saxophone   Oboe    

Our rental scheme uses only brand new, high quality instruments, and they are guaranteed and maintained by our shop for the duration of the rental.

These are brands and models that we have many years' experience of selling, and all of them have met the approval of local music teachers.

Our rental scheme is primarily aimed at parents of children who wish to learn a new instrument.To set up a rental, you will need to come into our shop with proof of your address (bank statement or utility bill is best) and photographic ID (either a driving license or passport).  You need to be permanently resident in Ireland to rent an instrument.  

You will also need to bring either your debit or credit card to secure the value of the instrument during the rental term.

We will also need written proof that you have booked and paid for a minimum of eight lessons with a recognised music school or teacher.  If we know the teacher, we will accept an email, phone call or text message from them.

Once you have chosen your instrument, fill in our rental agreement forms.  

You will need to pay the first terms rental while you are in the shop, either by cash or card. Any further payments are made with your card as agreed under the terms of the rental agreement.  

Please note that the insurance of the instrument is your responsibility during the term of the rental.

Full terms and conditions are available on request.

Please call us at 01 679 8571 for further information.