The year 1930 witnessed the founding of the Hermann Moeck Verlag (The Hermann Moeck Publishing Company) by Hermann (Johannes) Moeck Senior (9.7.1896 - 9.10.1982) in Celle. In 1948 his son, Dr. Hermann (Alexander) Moeck, born 16.9.1922, joined the company and he became the sole owner of the firm in 1960. The company enjoyed steady growth with the result that in 1962 it was able to move into new works premises in Altencelle near Celle.

In 1930 Hermann Moeck Senior began the marketing of recorders, which had been produced by a cottage industry flourishing in the Vogtland area of Saxony. Responsibility for the pitching and tuning of the instruments, however, he saw to himself.

In addition, he became involved in selling violas da gamba, clavichords and spinets, a certain amount of which were also produced in his own workshops.

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