Shuichi Tanaka is one of the most extraordinary flute makers ever to have emerged from Japanese tradition. After completing his studies with Japanese teacher Toshio Takahashi, and as an already gifted musician, Tanaka had developed a keen interest in the properties and technical aspects of his instrument.

At the age of 20, he embarked on the study of the art of flute making. He was particularly fascinated by and interested in the construction of the headjoint. He relished the opportunity to research in fine detail the factors that influence tone production which can change with every step, every file stroke and with every new combination of material during the manufacturing process.

After spending five years working at Muramatsu, the company with which he completed his training, and then taking on a management role at Miyazawa and Takumi, Tanaka finally realised his dream in 1981: he drew upon his diverse experiences gathered during his years as both a flute player and flute maker to channel his passion into the design and construction of his own flute.

On his ambitious musical journey Tanaka encountered the London-based flute player William Bennett. Their shared interests in music, culture and flute making developed into a friendship and close collaboration. This partnership led to the development of the ALTUS and AZUMI scales, an integral part of these extraordinary instruments.

Individual flautists with their varying styles and techniques have need for instruments which can be tailored to meet their demands.

It is vital that the flutes can meet their relevant requirements and preferences. With this in mind, AZUMI offers two series, each with different tonal characters. Try out AZUMI to find the perfect instrument to reflect your own musical expression.