In the past we have worked in an advisory capacity with such names as Trevor James, Schreiber, Boosey & Hawkes, Jupiter and Yamaha. It seemed only natural to use this high level of technical expertise in the creation of our own range of new instruments. Essentially, we had technical expertise but no factory. What we have found are factories that welcome technical expertise. A perfect symbiosis.

Only when we are happy with a product in terms of manufacturing quality and performance do we put our name on it.

We know that a hard-earned reputation - that has taken many years to establish - can be lost in moments by putting a name on something whose only merit is a profit margin.

What we have done is source and work together with manufacturers who have two important qualities:

The capability of producing a consistently well made instrument.
A desire to work with our technical staff as a team to produce first-rate instruments that will be part of a constant process of review and improvement. It is our firm belief that you will be happy with all aspects of these new products:
Each instrument plays to a standard beyond that suggested by its price.

Technical accuracy
All components are made neatly and assembled accurately for ease of play, durability and longevity

All instruments have features usually associated with more expensive models

Ddue consideration is given to aesthetic elements as well as functional issues

Playing condition
All instruments will be despatched to you in full playing order

Price - we are certain that our instruments will perform to a higher level than that suggested by the price

What we can demonstrate, without dispute, is that you don't have to buy a famous brand to buy quality and good value.

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