Our company was founded by skilled craftsmen who had the simple desire to create flutes of uncomprimising quality. It is our commitment to detail that makes Sankyo Flute so special. Our flutes, made with the technique, passion, and pride of the craftsmen, promote such an overpowering presence that we hesitate to call it a mere "musical instrument". Even the smallest parts of our flutes that cannot be seen are so beautifully crafted that they are like works of art. The secret behind this craftsmanship is that nothing is neglected in the manufacturing process. Research starts with developing the unique composition of our metals and materials to finally the way in which we hand polish the flute. We consult with flutists worldwide and use this collective knowledge to constantly improve and refine our flutes. Work which is usually entrusted to the service of subcontractors, such as the fusing of metals, the molding of the parts, as well as the plating, are all carried out within our company in order to ensure a quality which often is not found in other flutes. This "in house" production gives our craftsmen total control of our products. The meticulously crafted parts from even our lower models have the same attention to detail as those of the highest modles. All SANKYO FLUTES are HAND-MADE. We, the artists and craftsmen at Sankyo truly beleive that we have transended the art of flutemaking to a level unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. We think you will agree. Our flutes hold a secret within their walls; a voice of dignified beauty and an endlessly transparent and rich tone. This is the pride of SANKYO FLUTES.

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