JP043V 'Vintage' Bb Soprano Saxophone €599.00

€ 599.00

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Absolutely stunning performance for the price.

Excellent tuning characteristics.

Supplied with an easy blow mouthpiece and lightweight case.

Professional players have purchased this sax for their own use.

This is a remarkable specification for the price.

Soprano saxophones with two crooks, high F#, high G and an accurate tuning scale are usually restricted to professional models.

The performance level is attested by the fact that several top players have purchased this instrument for professional use and have also recommended them for use by music students doing degrees in major music colleges.

Although capable of a very high standard of play, these instruments are priced to be attractive in the starter player market.

The mouthpiece that is supplied is fine to get a novice started, but an upgrade mouthpiece will allow the instrument to reach it's full potential.

The Yamaha range of mouthpieces are a cost effective option and will offer a good improvement.

A mid range or professional mouthpiece will lift the performance to the highest levels.


Straigh & Curved necks

Annealed brass body and keys with clear lacquer

Ornately hand engraved bell

Power forged keys
High G key
Sculpted palm keys
Fully ribbed construction
 Treated Leather Pads
JP Mouthpiece & Ligature
Deluxe strong backpack case