Yamaha YTR-6335 RC Trumpet €1,879.00

€ 1879.00

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Completely developed at the Yamaha Atelier in Hamburg, the new Yamaha Commercial Trumpet, has been designed for players who play in a variety of different musical settings such as studio, musicals, jazz, rock & pop, big band and symphonic.

'My dream was to develop an instrument that would be useful for all kinds of music. I wanted something really vibrant and responsive. And it should be fun to play without making you exhausted after long gigs.'

— Eddie Veit, Yamaha Atelier Hamburg and designer of the Commercial Trumpet.

'I think you can appreciate the sound, the amazing flexibility and the easiness of the Commercial model. This is the real deal!'

— Andrea Tofanelli, Yamaha Artist

When each aspect of your instrument works in harmony, you’ll feel the difference in every note. Discover ease and speed, precision and responsiveness which comes from a reversed tuning slide, bell connection ferule with gap and curled water key springs on the tuning and third slide.

Experience unbeatable playability, with the new one-piece Valve casing and a gold-brass reversed lead-pipe.

Enjoy enhanced sound flexibility and exceptional projection with lightweight finger buttons and plastic valve guides.

With perfect intonation, absolute control, a beautifully balanced sound and incredible responsiveness, you can perform at your highest level, every time.