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Pearl Dolce 695RE-958S Limited Edition Model.

Pearl Dolce 695-958S Limited Edition Model.

The Pearl’s Dolce 695 has, for many years, been a very successful model within the Pearl Flute Range.

An outstanding select team of flute engineers with an exceptional eye for detail, manufactures this wonderful instrument for the ambitious flutist.

Based on the Dolce 695 model, and in honour of our 70th Anniversary, Pearl is now bringing out a limited edition version onto the market.

Brittania Silver Head Joint

This new limited model head joint is different to the regular existing model. The quality of the material contains a higher content of silver which contributes to a wider selection of overtones which in turn result in an advanced range of musical expressions. The sound palette is described as warm and transparent with a clearly powerful projection.

New Head Joint Design

Furthermore, the 695-958S Limited Edition head joint has been created with a completely new design.

For many years Pearl has been offering a great diversity of head joints in their range, for example the Largo and Forza models. With the new Limited Edition model we are offering a new design head joint that melts the worlds of Largo and Forza together. The sweet, softened sound of Largo goes hand in hand with the strength and transparency of the Forza.

Maybe the most wonderful news of all about this new Limited Edition flute is that it costs the same as a regular model so for all those extras ........... there are no additional charges.

Head joint: 0.958 Britannia Silver Body

Silver plated foot joint and keys

Silver plated drawn keyholes

French pointed arms